Chore Designation by Age


Chore Designation 

Growing Up on the Farm

Life was so simple as I was growing up some 50+ years ago! We were taught that from the time we could walk and talk, we also owned our own mess.  We had chores and responsibilities around our home and we all took pride in the way it looked.  There were two boys and two girls in the family and we all had our chores.   These I will list below:


    *  Age 2 to 5:


  • Get dressed on your own (but with assistance in clothing selection and learning to button, buckle, zip and tie)
  • Pick up toys, clothing, dishes and wrappers throughout the house
  • Help with gardening where instructed, mostly just harvesting small amounts
  • Mostly from 2 – 5 teach child that they are owners of their own messes if they are small in size and teach them that they can always ask for help


    *  Age 5 to 7:


  • All chores above, plus:
  • Wash and dry dishes after meals
  • Sweep through the house
  • Dust all furniture
  • Clean any spills and messes from the floor
  • Help in the kitchen with cooking where possible
  • Help water the garden and harvest food
  • Help with feeding farm animals and caring for them


    * Age 7 to 9:


  • All chores above, plus:
  • General Housekeeping including:
    • Sweeping and vacuuming through house twice weekly
    • Wax and buff wood floors every 3 months
    • Dusting and polishing furniture twice weekly
    • Washing windows mirrors and glass items throughout house
    • Cleaning appliances and counter items in the kitchen and bathrooms
    • Scrubbing toilets, tubs and shower stalls
    • After washing and drying dishes put them away
  • Laundry including:
    • Sorting clothes by color and weight for washing
    • Loading washer loads and adding soap and bleach when needed
    • Moving clothing from washer to dryer (if it was working), if no dryer, take clothes out to the clothesline and hang to dry
    • Check for dryness of clothing
    • Bring in the laundry from the clothesline
    • Put no-iron clothes away
    • Iron clothes that required pressing.
  • Preparing desserts and other dishes for lunch and dinner meals
  • Help with weeding and watering garden, and harvesting food.
  • Feed and care for farm animals and livestock
  • Take care of younger children in the family
  • Shovel snow off walks in winter


 *  Age 9 to 12 and up:  


  • All chores above, plus, with more responsibility (possibly in a leadership role occasionally) doing most of these chores without supervision (except when advice was required).
  • Help with preparing grocery list and help with clipping coupons for groceries.
  • Assist in finding best buy items at the grocery store(s).
  • Prepare one and two dish meals for family dinners and progress to full meals when ready.
  • Make (sew) dresses, shirts, window curtains
  • Helping to plow and disk the garden, dig for planting, place seed and water and fertilizer, cover with soil, continued watering and weeding, harvesting food.
  • Prune fruit trees, flowers, and bushes
  • Mow and trim lawn
  • Rake and bag leaves
  • Burn trash from house (paper goods back in the days when that was allowed)


Please feel free to leave a comment below about this site.  I would enjoy hearing your experience or feelings about the above information.


  1. Loes says:

    Hello Paule, I love to read your blog about Chore Designation by Age, hmmm, I have a couple of kids, but they live in heaven I think, they do sometimes the dishes, and I have them that far, to bring their laundry down, keep their own room tidy, but that’s about it :)
    I read, they can do a lot more :)
    Thanks, you made me smile, Loes

    • admin says:

      I frequently read your websites and your blogs on WA. It is a great honor to hear that my experiences can help you with your children while they are still growing up. I think you have accomplished a great deal knowing that you work full time and raise a family of 6 children and you can get them to keep their rooms tidy! That is AMAZING! I hope you will continue to visit and read about my world.
      Thank you,

    • Edie says:

      Hi, Paula,
      Beautiful description of your childhood home! Sounds like a place anyone would love to live.
      As for the chore designation, if families did that today young people would not get into trouble, or at least not as much.
      I am extremely new at this, so I really don’t know what suggestions to make. Maybe I will visit again, you have an inviting site to visit.
      Best wishes