Crocheted Tam and Hand-Warming Muffler

My granddaughter’s favorite color is pink.  She loves all shades of pink it seems.  When she was younger (about 3), I had her in the shopping cart while we were strolling through the little girls’ clothing in Walmart and she spotted a dress that she just could not live without.

Before I knew it, she had the dress off the rack and off the hanger, she had pulled the tags off and was ready to slip it over her head.  It was so hard for me to keep from laughing, but I was a little stern with her and told her that if she really wanted the dress, we would have to pay for it first.  Oh my!  Patience is NOT one of her stronger points!

So here is the dress.  (The photo was not sideways until I added it to this page.)PinkStripedDress


I told of that little memory to lead to my next event.

While shopping for a new project in the fabric and crafts area at Walmart I came across this Rose Petal Pink yarn (about the color of those old fashioned pink chalky lozenges that my grandparents used to buy for us as kids).  I looked for a pattern that I liked and after much searching I decided to improvise on a pattern found  on the inside of the yarn packaging.



The yarn is Red Heart, Medium weight # 4, Worsted 100% acrylic.

Crochet Hook Used: 6.5 mm US (K)-10 1/2″.





This little project took me about 4 hours for both the hat and the hand warmer and I am very slow at everything I do so most people could probably do this in about 2-3 hours.

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