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Oh, YES, I do have a lot to say about fashion!  It is not the usual stuff that you read about in today’s magazines, but you may learn a bit about Fashion and Clothing from my writings!

My first experience with fashion was when I was very young and that was many years ago.  My grandmother made many dresses for me when I was a little toddler.  My Granny passed away when I was in my fourth year so you would not think I could remember much about her, but because my life was immersed in hers, I do recall a great deal about my Granny Hughes and she had an extremely strong influence in my mannerisms and my beliefs to this very day.

So let us return back to the topic of Fashion and Clothing

My Granny Hughes made dresses like this one.

Fashion and Clothing at age 2-4 years

When I was young I wore sweet full-skirted dresses of lovely fabric which would billow out when I spun around. They also were topped with a sheer pinafore that tied with a big bow in the back.  I would wear lacy stockings or  leotards / tights with very fancy shoes.  

All the ladies who saw me in these clothes would brag and comment about how lovely I looked, so of course I thought I was beautiful!

I will show a picture of a little girl in a dress to display what I am talking about, although the little girl is not me because I don’t have any photos of me in my pretty dresses at this age.  It is a picture of my cousin, who is a few years older, wearing a similar dress.

The Next Clothing I Remember Wearing?

Now I do want to keep honest here!  I can recall wearing several items that I have not mentioned and maybe I will go into this at a later time, but it would not be in the interest of Fashion for me to discuss those items.  I am talking about the fashion that I wore during my years of life that I felt were the fashion of that time for my age.  It makes me chuckle to remember some of the items that I did wear and causes me to recall a day when my brother informed me, “Some of the clothes that Mom and Dad had you wear were downright UGLY!”, in our later years he could tell me that!  HaHa!


My next favorite item of clothing was a red print dress that had no waist but curved in and back out to a full skirtRed Print Princess Dress that swished and swirled at the slightest movement of my waist and hips.  It had puffed sleeves at the top and fitted arms to the wrist.

My most favorite dress I can recall was made when I was age 9, by my Aunt Iris and I think that she knew my favorite color was RED!

Then I taught myself how to Sew!

My grandad left an old Singer Pedal Sewing Machine in the bedroom of the house where I grew up.  I was so enthralled with that machine, I repeatedly asked Dad if I could learn to use it.  When I turned 10, my Dad finally showed me that YES it still did work!  So I sat myself down, and with a little help from Dad I learned how to thread the needle and work the pedal and make it go forward AND BACKWARD!  Sometimes when I went too slow with the stitching it would reverse direction by accident because that is how you get it to reverse.  So with quite a bit of practice and some beginner lessons from my Aunt Avon and my Aunt Iris I learned to sew on my Granny Hughes’ old Singer Pedal Sewing Machine.

I learned to sew making Barbie doll clothes for my Barbie and my sister’s Midge dolls and of course clothes for Ken and Allen (or was it Alan?).  Kim & Paula Hughes with Mitzi

My other grandmother found out that I was using a very old foot pedal machine to sew and gave me her electric sewing machine when I turned 12.

It was also a Singer and it was turquoise.

From the age of 12 through high school I made all of my own school clothes on this machine,

except for the clothes that were hand-me-downs sent from my cousin in Virginia.

My sister loved to wear my dresses too so if I did not sew dresses for her she would wear mine.

That was a very good incentive to make her some dresses as well.

Mini-Skirts and Bell-Bottom Hip-Hugger Jeans!

At this time, mini-skirt length dresses were in style so our dress hems went to the tips of our fingers, holding our arms straight down the sides

of the dress.  We also wore bell-bottom hip-hugger jeans in those days.  Ahhh!  The seventies!  Those were the days!

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